The Mallard Cove Way


Building a custom home can be one of the most exciting and exhilarating experiences you’ll ever have. Imagine the fun and freedom of sitting down with gifted designers to customize a plan for the home you’ve always wanted. Every swatch, every photo, every color chip, every note from your favorite design show represented. A home that reflects your style and personality around every corner.


Now imagine a builder who will listen to your dreams, hear what you want for your new home and then find a way to create it. A builder who who passes along builder discounts and savings to you to make your custom home truly affordable. A builder who offers innovative solutions of unbeatable quality and value with total financial transparency.


Over the past 28 years, we’ve built hundreds of unique, and custom homes for families across North florida. As a result  we’ve streamlined our process so your experience with Mallard Cove is easy, straightforward and totally enjoyable from planning to closing.


Here’s what you can expect when you build a home The Mallard Cove Way:


1. Select your plan

You’ll start by choosing an initial home design. We have hundreds of floor plans you can choose from. Because you customize your plans in every regard, you’ll never have to settle for living according to someone else’s style. You can provide your own design too. One source we like for home plans is Cool House Plans . Com


2. Customize your plan

The next step is all about customization. Everything in your Mallard Cove home can be tweaked, noodled, or outright changed until you are completely happy with the home plan. Mallard Cove will work with you to move rooms, change walls, reconfigure the exterior, or anything else you’d like to do inside or out. Once you are completely happy with the design and certain the home is exactly how you’d like it the financial tasks begin. 

3. Price your plan

Believe it or not, pricing your home the Mallard Cove Way is one of the most exciting parts of the process. Mallard Cove can usually provide a comprehensive, detailed quote in a matter of days. You’ll know where every dollar is going, so you know there are no hidden costs and no surprises. If you want to add a media room, oversized closet, an extra eight feet in the kitchen, or customize any of the finishes in your new home, you’ll know what they cost and where they fit in the budget.


You’ll also benefit from the Mallard Cove buying history. For nearly 3 decades we’ve crafted hundreds of homes, and established service and purchase histories with suppliers and professional subs that will participate in assembling your new home. 


Now, it’s time to sit back, grab the camera and enjoy the view as your dream home appears piece by piece. 


You can Relax. You’re building The Mallard Cove Way