What Our Clients Say About Us

"Pleased to recommend Rod & Mallard Cove to prospective home Buyers. The attention to detail, workmanship, and communication were excellent. Subcontractors were courteous and efficient."


Matt Brown

Killearn Estates



"Thanks for the fantastic job that you did. Everyone is pleased"


Ron Weaver

Calhoun Street Office Building



"Allow us to express our deep appreciation for building our dream home ! Your helpfulness and service was a pleasure during each step of the process. Your help with the initial step of selecting a beutiful site and assisting with orientation and energy efficiency has really shown results in our utility bills. You went the extra mile to have the houses completed on time which really helped with the home we were leasing. Also we'd like to express our gratitude for your unwavering service beyond our expectations. Although we had no major problems, you stuck with us right through the warranty period and took care of numerous little details came up to our entire satisfaction. We couldn't be happier in our beautiful new energy efficient home !"


Gary & Betty Edwards

Ox Bottom Manor




"Please feel free to use our home to show as proof of the excellent work you do. We really feel fortunate in our choice of Mallard Cove.

Even though we've paid you in full we feel we will always owe you for the attention to detail and patience that you gave us in the construction of our home. Low bid is not always better, dont let their bids deceive you. Mallard Cove had generous budgets for the lighting, plumbing, etc., some were more than we needed allowing us to spend more on other items. There were no surprises and we're very proud to have a home built by Mallard Cove. We actually ran under budget on this house. Quality is beyond what we expected."


D.J. & Kathy Hartley

Hanging Vine Way




"We rate our experience with Mallard Cove as a 9, the overall quality of the home was as expected. If there were one thing we would recommend to others it would be to make all selections and have the plans 100% complete before you get started."


John Watt's & Linda Lakes

Ten Oaks



"I previewed Dan Whitehurst's new home yesterday. The quality of your detail work waas impressive when compared to other builders in this area. Your work proves that personal attention from the builder makes the difference."


Doyle Stafford Architect

Pembridge Place




"You know when people start talking about contractors and their experiences with them? It’s always seems to be some horror story. They didn’t do this or they did that and weren’t supposed to. They“finished” the job and we never heard from them again. Well, we’ve had none of that. I had never embarked on anything like this before so I had no idea what to expect. Based upon other people’s stories, I’ve been absolutely spoiled. I believe that is completely due to how Rod operates his business. It was a collaborative process from the beginning with Rod leading the way. He listened to our wants and incorporated his own creativity and knowledge. He, along with his crew, worked to see what we wanted as the homeowners and made it happen for us. Maybe one of the strongest points was that Rod was much more cost conscientious than I was. Just ask my husband! In addition, there was always a douse of expertise provided by Rod but they worked with us, completely. There are many unique qualities to our home that Rod has had a hand in but that are completely ours. I have valued his expertise but I value his ability to incorporate our wants into our home that much more. The absolute best compliment we get on our home, in my opinon, is that it looks just like you both! We hear that a lot. We owe that to Rod and his crew. "


Lesley Hull

Downtown Jacksonville



"I rate my expereince as a 10, the home was completed on time, the quality was as I had expected, and I've already recommended friends and relatives to Mallard Cove."


Vada Coker

Seven Oaks




"Our home was completed on time with quality as we expected. If we could offer one suggestion to others it would be to confirm changes you make and the costs in advance. We've already recommended Mallard Cove to others numerous times and would have Mallard Cove build our next home."


Greg & Sharon Hanson

Mallard Pointe




"We would like to commend  Mallard Cove for conducting business in a professional manner, even when it meant replacing defective siding even before we moved in. Hat's off to Rod for not losing his cool in getting the manufacturer to replace the siding. Also the finishing work in our home is superior" !


Ed & Beth Babcock

Luna Pines




"Our home was completed early with quality as we expected. We rate our experince an 8.5 out of ten and would only like to have had more communication during the work. We would definetly have our next home built by Mallard Cove and we would recommend Mallard Cove to friends and relatives"


Jeff & Terry Stevens





"My experience with Mallard Cove was a 10. There is nothing I would have changed. My home was completed on time and I felt your status reports alieviated my fears about the building process. I feel real lucky I picked such good builders"


Vicki Carpenter

Villages of Killearn