The Mallard Cove Difference

Workers Compensation Insurance, At Mallard Cove every customer is protected by the Mallard Cove's workers compensation insurance policy.


Many are shocked to find a contractor is not required to carry Workers Compensation Insurance.


We at Mallard Cove feel you should not be exposed to such risks.


All of Mallard Cove's subcontractors are also required to provide continuous proof of coverage to Mallard Cove.


You should accept nothing less


You can verify every builders insurance coverage by visiting the website


Accept nothing less than an insurance certificate issued directly to you by the contractors agent, in the same name you hold title to the real estate in, and then check the website above to be sure the policy remains valid during your home construction.

Foundations,  From the extensive commercial and government quality control work Mallard Cove staff learned the foundation is no place prudent planners cut back. In fact Mallard Cove insists on foundations with 100% more steel and concrete than the Building Inspector would otherwise allow. "The entire investment relies upon the foundations we build, if we always put our buildings on Professionally Engineered Foundations all of our investements will be built on nothing but the best." (Rod Moeller)  Would you want anything less?



Framing, the core of residential construction.  Second in importantance only to the foundation.


Most residential construction is constructed with wood framing another place everything needs to be precise and well planned.


At Mallard Cove every wall of every building is constructed by woodwrights with experience usually exceeding 30 years and frequently exceeding 40 years.


Every wall is checked then doubled checked for length, for parralell, and for plumb. How many times have you seen a wall checked with a level, not at Mallard Cove. Every wall is plumbed with a plumb bob "The Plumb Bob Never Lies"


Our building inspectors usually have two words to say when inspecting our framing,  " Good Job",  or "I like that" and sometimes "Thats a good idea, and I havent seen that before"


Your home will be constructed with the same care.



Finish Material Selctions designed for practicality and durability should always be standard in a new home. Towards that end Mallard Cove strives to fullfill this role.  


As a custom home builder Mallard Cove learns a lot about a family as they work together to develop a plan for the family. A complete plan is a lot more than sheets of paper. Home plans include an understanding of the family and their living characteristics. A broad product knowledge base at Mallard Cove assures floors and finishes that are well suited for the lifestyles, the budgets and decor of each customer.


While there are personal choices and budgets that dictate final selections,  each Mallard Cove Home starts with suggestions that foundations and structural floors should be concrete, exterior walls should be masonary or masonary veneer, and roofing that should be galvalume steel.

Sealing the Exterior Envelope, The first line of defense in keeping the elements out is the caulking and painting of the exterior.  Mallard Cove uses Solar Seal on every home, custom or spec. In our opinion this is the finest and most durable sealant on the market.  Our cost per tube about $6.75. Compare to Dap Alex caulk at about $2.20, the difference is performance and keeping the elements out.


900 SOLAR SEAL - based on terpolymer
technology which offers an alternative to
silicone & urethane sealants.

Protect your investments with High
performance terpolymer chemistry that
provides exceptional weather resistance,
adhesion, elongation and color stability too

Energy Efficiency, is something Mallard Cove takes very seriously. "There isn't much we can do about the price of energy, but there is a lot we can do to reduce the amount of energy we use." (Rod Moeller)    Kip Carpenter once said, "As a builder we each make decisions that can save oil, one cup and one decision at a time." For more than 20 years Mallard Cove has complimented Kip for this saying and  the story he wrote for the Tallahassee Builders Association magazine. 


In early 2012 , Mike & Carrie Smith now living in a 4200 sf Mallard Cove home commented there was one thing they really dont like about their old home in Jacksonville now that they're living the Mallard Cove way, our 3000 sf home in Jacksonville costs more to operate vacant than our Mallard Cove home, occupied.


Every home gets the same treatment with regards to energy efficiency. There is more insulation in the attic, there is more insulation in the walls, there is even more energy efficiency in the glass. The proof is in our customers utility bills, making all of our lives more affordable, one house at a time.